Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I'm trying to catch you guys up with some of mine and tawny's meals! here are photos from the last week or so. So eat up! P.S. They are a bit mis shaped and out of order, because I'm still trying to get a hold of this whole blogging thing...
This includes some picture of my first time making nut milk, some of my green smoothies including one that I put aloe vera in, and a crazy type of cauliflower that I had never seen before and had to try. I hope this isn't too much!

We are the raw revolution!

Our names are Tawny Mayer and Allie Hanlon, and we are operating from the Olympia sector of the movement towards raw enlightenment. We are starting this blog in the hopes of spreading information on this healthy lifestyle that is grossly misunderstood.

Both of us have access to this account and will be updating on raw food recipes, raw food information, green smoothie concoctions, and general tomfoolery in the field of healthy living. As we discover more information on this fascinating subject, we will be more then happy to evaluate to the best of our abilities if the sources are legit, and will gladly provide any websites, books, movies, etc. we happen upon.

We are also very interested in being exposed to other individuals or groups that share the same interests, we would love to exchange ideas as much as possible to expand our knowledge of the subject.

We appreciate your attention to our cause, and hope to have as much feedback as possible :]