Tuesday, August 31, 2010

greetings from the Living Light Inn

It's a gorgeous day here in Fort Bragg, CA. So much has happened since I've talked to you last, dear blog. I am so over whelmed with the amount of pictures I have taken of Raw food that I don;t even know where to begin!! So I shall filter all of the less the interesting once and make this a nice summer of the last few months.

Since Going raw November 1st (tomorrow will be my 11 month raw anniversary) I have had one hell of a ride!! I've definitely not been perfect, but I'm still proud of my progress and feel I have a true direction in my life now!! I like to say I'm 100% raw 80% of the time. Some times I'm more hard core then other times, going through phases of eliminating things such as agave nectar, nuts, or root veggies. My weakest points are when I've been out to the bars and had a few glasses of wine.. those drunk munchies are hard to control sometimes!! But I'm getting the hang of it. I have met the coolest people here. My roommates name is Mimi, from Japan. She Started Japan Raw Food Association, and is the first Japanese student to graduate the gourmet chef series here at living light. There are people here from all around the world! Belgium, Lithuania, France, India, London, Mexico, Canada Singapore, and many other countries. Me and Mimi love Rockin the reggae shows at the Casper Inn. The beach is even better, and now that I've learned how to harvest my own seaweed, its also quite a nutritious adventure.