Monday, September 13, 2010

The Pleasure Trap

Douglas Lisle, author of the pleasure trap spoke today during our science of raw food nutrition Level 3 Class. He lectures at True North fasting facility quite a bit and has many fascinating insights on the population's addiction to food. Basically, junk food acts very similarly to how drugs affect our body, which makes sense.
They are both processed and condensed versions of natural things. It's understandable that we lean towards something with condensed calories, fat, and sugar content, because our dopamine levels increase in the presence of these things, although to an extreme level. It's a survival Mechanism. It means were perpetuating the species by getting the most impact for the least amount of energy. With whole natural plant food, on the other had, in a situation with out the affects of modern day living, we get decent, sustainable levels of dopamine. The problem is that we've built up a major tolerance to it, just like we would any other drug. Whole natural plants foods, being high in fiber content, do not give us as high of a spike in dopamine, so it doesn't give us the same effect that were used to. Thats why fasting can be such a useful tool, because it restarts your system, and you can appreciate simpler food, with lower sugar and salt content. But at the same time, you don't need to feel guilty if you get off track, because its are hard cycle to get out of! Just remember that it's all worth it in the end to train your body and your brain to crave the things that are good for you, because in the long run, thats more sustainable for you, and for the planet!

Can Sugar be more addicting then cocaine?

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