Thursday, September 2, 2010

Restaurant Review #1 - CaPhe

CaPhe is an adorable restaurant located in Fort Bragg. It's attached to a hotel/spa that includes other services such as colon hydrotherapy. CaPhe an 80% raw menu, and the title refers to it being a facility that serves alkalizing meals, hence the "ph." My personal favorite is the Cucumber kim chi. One of the things I love most about this place is that they use a unique combination of asian spices to enhance the flavors of their dishes. Some of there dishes include green soups, coconut smoothies, and salad that are mostly raw, but served with buckwheat noodles. Quite the delight! They do serve meat here, but its all free range organic. A large portion of their produce is grown by the owner of the restaurant, and you can taste the difference! I would highly recommend this place to anyone traveling through, looking for an easy to digest meal. She is closed on odd days of the week, but if you call her, most of the time she will open it up for you! Happy travels! <3>

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