Monday, February 20, 2012

broccoli almond soup

unsweetened almond milk [base]
nutritional yeast
sea salt
refried beans
Potatoes [fried, boiled, hashbrowned...]
vegetable boullion
lime/lemon juice

*One step to becoming a good cook is being able to wing it. This is one of the reasons I didn't list off the amount of each, item. Use your best judgement! Do a lot of taste testing! Then your recipes will come out different every time.

*My friend dropped off some food items she wasn't using, one of them being a "tofumate" mediterranean Herb seasoning mix. its basically different herbs with some fructose. Normally I wouldn't use something with fructose, but since it was free I figured i might as well put it to good use! You can add whatever your favorite combination of spices is or experiment with something new. I added some dried sage as well.

Throw in pot and boil till all vegetables are cooked